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gives you the opportunity to win between

N5000 - N100,000,000

Weekly & instant cashback

Buy & Gift CashTokens to yourself, loved ones and customers

Every CashToken is a chance to win between N5,000 - N100,000,000 weekly and Instant CashBack.

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The CashToken is still changing the stories of seemingly ordinary Nigerians. You too can be next.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an electronic reward or celebratory gift commodity that offers the opportunity for ‘LIFE-CHANGING CASH REWARD’
A CashToken cost N50
The CashToken process is very simple. 1. You buy and gift yourself or your loved ones CashTokens using *6700# or get gifted by a business that rewards its customers with CashToken. 2. You get notified of the CashTokens you bought or is gifted to you via your mobile number 3. In our weekly Draw Show, Winners for the week are announced. If you are one of the lucky winners, we would contact you on how to get your winnings. You can also buy airtime, data and pay your bills to get a CashToken and qualify for the draw.
(a) Guaranteed Cash-Back of N6 on every gifted/purchased CashToken (b) An Opportunity to win N5k-100m weekly
You check for your instant Cash Back on any of the following: 1. CashToken Code: *6700# 2. Watch the CashToken Draw Show on either AIT or POP Central TV to see if you are a Winner.
The subscription plan is a way of gifting or rewarding yourself or your loved ones with CashToken either weekly or daily at N50 per 1 and you stand a chance of winning between 5k-100m that week and guaranteed cashback.
You can participate in the CashToken program/initiative in several ways and capacities: As a customer: A customer is a person who buys goods and services from any business (regardless of the size of the business). When you buy your groceries or other goods and services from CashToken Celebration partners, always request to be celebrated. You can also receive the CashToken when you are gifted by friends and loved ones on *6700#. As a Merchant, business, or service provider regardless of business size: A merchant is a person, service provider, or business who sells or offers goods or services. The merchant is required to sign up on the CashToken Platform, set a celebration threshold, purchase CashTokens and reward customers when they patronize you. As an Agent: The agent is someone who refers businesses or service providers to the CashToken platform and signs them up.
The agent gets a 5% share of the wins of customers who have been gifted CashTokens by merchants who were signed up by him.
No, the CashToken is not a cryptocurrency.
1.*6700# 2. 3. CashToken WhatsApp BOT 09076767676 4. You also get CashTokens when you patronize any CashToken merchant
Kindly dial *6700# and reach via the “HELP MENU” or send a mail to
Yes, and it can also be gifted by: a Business as a reward; friends and loved ones, as a celebratory gift; The Government as an incentive for tax payment or compliance.
The CashToken requires the receiver’s phone number for the transfer. The Party offering will request a phone number only from the beneficiary at the point of Sale or interaction.
Yes. An SMS notification is always sent to the recipient of the CashToken.
You can do two things (a)Take out Cash or (b)Make a Purchase (get more CashTokens) Dial ‘CashToken Code: *6700# choose ‘Win Wallet’ to move cash to your bank account or Use your win to buy Airtime or Pay-bills Add and Check ‘CashToken WhatsApp ChatBot’: 09076767676: choose ‘Wallet’ to move cash to your bank account or Use your win to buy Airtime or Pay-bills.
Accounts can also be created by vising and clicking on the create new account button. · Accounts are created automatically when a CashToken is received for the first me by a customer/Individual.
Yes. An SMS notification is sent directly to use receiver’s mobile phone
Click on ‘Log in’ on the cashToken Home page and Click on ‘forgot password’
Yes. Every registered phone number may be associated to a CashToken customer, agent and merchant accounts.
The guaranteed Cash is the primary benefit of receiving the CashToken. For every CashToken a person receives, they get a guaranteed ₦6.00 (Six Naira) which is accumulated in their Wallet and can be spent or withdrawn into their bank accounts
The customer Celebration threshold is the minimum purchase amount expected from a Consumer, to trigger a CashToken reward from the Customer Celebration Partner/merchant.
A Customer Celebration Threshold can be set by logging in to and selecting the “Set Purchase Threshold” option. This is applicable to merchants only.
A Merchant doesn’t enter the draws directly; they benefit when the customers they gifted CashToken wins.
The CashToken does not require any game to be played. A person can be gifted by an individual, a business or the Government.
You can watch the draw on AIT by 9:30pm and Pop Central on DSTV @ 6pm every Saturday
Kindly do any of the following: 1. Send mail to 2. Add and Type help on ‘CashToken Whatsapp Chatbot’ : 09076767676 to send your complaint. 3. Kindly dial *6700# and reach via the “HELP MENU”
If you have been gifted a CashToken before, simply visit; and click on ‘Log in’ on the CashToken Home page, then click on ‘forgot password’. Your login details would be sent to your mobile number.